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Generates a description of a neighborhood from the Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad setting.
This is Rev. Dr. Edgar Johnson's Street Kids of Ur-Hadad neighborhood generator for his funnel adventure toolkit, originally taken from the Winter 2014 issue of the zine Metal Gods of Ur-Hadad and used with permission. It is available at and is fantastic.

If gangs are present, use the Gang Generator.

I guaranteed that a Just Another Day result comes up, even though the chance of it happening if you roll the dice is pretty slim, equivalent to rolling 3 6s on the dice, which is something like 3 percent. But I figured you might as well see the event and decide if you want to incorporate it, since my odds were making it almost impossible to ever show up.

Neighborhood Generator

<sgdisplay iterations="1">[hood]

For individual results:
Is there a gang here? (d3): [gang]
Building Height (d4): [height]
Streets are (d5): The streets are [streets]
Structures are (d6): The structures are [structures]
Most roofs are (d7): Most roofs are [roofs]
Routes Through Neighborhood (d8): [routes]
What's happening tonight? (d10): [tonight]
Major Landmark (d12): [major]
Character of Neighborhood (d14): [character]
Minor Landmarks(d16): [minor]
Landscape Type(d20): [landscape]
Available resources (d24): [stuff1]
Friends and Enemies (d30): [frenemies]



1,This is [character] neighborhood, with [streets] and [structures] structures [height] with [roofs] roofs. The neighborhood is known for its [major] and [minor], and you could describe the landscape as [landscape] What's going on tonight? [tonight] Other features are [stuff1] and [frenemies] The neighborhood has [routes] through it and [gang].[weird]

Use the individual results below to create a quick neighborhood with some flavor.


1,no gang 1,no, there are TWO gangs 1,yes, there is a gang


1,wide avenues 1,normal streets 1,narrow streets 1,normal streets/alleys 1,packed dirt/mud/gravel


1,all below ground 1,1 and 2 stories high 1,2, 3, and 4 stories high 1,5 or more stories high


1,wooden 1,adobe 1,kiln-fired brick 1,wood and stone 1,stone and metal 1,stone, metal, and glass


1,1 route, surface 1,2 routes, surface/rooftop 1,2 routes, surface/under 1,2 routes, rooftop/under 1,3 routes (2 surface*/1 under) 1,3 routes (rooftop/surface*/under*) 1,4 routes (rooftop/2 surface*/under) 1,5 routes (2 rooftop/2 surface/under*)


1,thatch 1,slate w/ shallow pitch 1,slate w/ steep pitch 1,flat roofs with trapdoors and rooftop gardens 1,ceramic tile w/ shallow pitch 1,ceramic tile w/ steep pitch 1,shake shingles


1,merchant/other guildhouse 1,mercenary chapterhouse 1,arena 1,cemetery 1,monument 1,river/water feature* 1,tower 1,library 1,aquaduct* 1,marketplace 1,inn 1,mansion


1,a gate guard on the take. 1,a wandering mendicant asks you for alms (reward?). 1,a guard patrol ([Dice.1d4] guards) 1,1d3 Bandits. 1,no encounter. 1,no encounter. 1,were-creature is out and about. 1,prostitute on the corner. 1,purple tentacle dealer. 1,a troop of psychotic clowns armed with juggling implements (knives, axes, clubs, torches). 1,NPC (Ally): A friend of Vane’s. 1,drunken nobleman trying to provoke a duel. 1,a beggar (actually a disguised patron, will heal HP/Attributes to full to any who give alms). 1,a wounded war dog. 1,a group of war veterans wandering home from the tavern. 1,a merchant and his servant, returning from the cockfights with two gamecocks. 1,1d3+1 young dandies, drunk and belligerent. 1,no encounter. 1,a dead demi-human (w/ some paperwork in a courier’s pouch). 1,a noble lady’s sedan chair, carried by 4 eunuchs. 1,an avatar of the trickster god. Will play pranks on the PCs and any rivals, just to cause chaos. 1,a drunk, passed out in the gutter. 1,a rabid dog/wolf hybrid. 1,a patrol of the Grand Vizier’s anti-gang taskforce (1d4 members). 1,a gongfarmer and his dung cart. 1,a pair of young lovers, out for an evening stroll. 1,a pair of young lovers, having a loud and vicious argument. 1,a cult prostitute, looking to make some converts. 1,an apprentice deathcult assassin, seeking to shed his first blood. 1,a mysterious stranger who offers aid.


1,Nothing. It’s very quiet. 1,A few people on the streets, on their way home. 1,It’s hot. People sitting outside, drinking and talking. 1,There’s been a murder. Police are patrolling the streets. 1,You hear a scream. Someone’s being robbed or murdered or something. 1,A pimp is beating a whore; or there’s an assault in progress (something in which to intervene, if desired). 1,There’s some sort of carnival or circus. 1,Huge religious festival. 1,A protest is going on. City guards are attempting to keep order. 1,There’s a violent political/religious clash, in progress.


1,a parkland 1,a residential (tenement) 1,a residential (mixed) 1,a commercial (wholesale) 1,a commercial (retail) 1,a commercial (Entertainment) 1,an industrial 1,a government 1,a military/mercenary district 1,a manufacturing district 1,a demihuman enclave (dwarf) 1,a demihuman enclave (elf) 1,a warehouse district 1,[character] and [character]


1,well 1,fountain 1,shrine 1,sewer entrance 1,bridge 1,statue 1,blacksmith/armorer 1,stable 1,brothel 1,boardinghouse 1,kennel/animal breeder 1,silver/goldsmith/jeweler 1,wine/spirits merchant 1,caravan offices 1,tavern 1,public house and [minor]


1,makeshift weapon 1d4 damage 1,makeshift armor +1 AC 1,dropped purse with [Dice.1d20] bits in it 1,watering trough 1,an unwatched horse, saddled and ready to go 1,an unlocked garden shed (shovel and pitchfork) 1,an amphora of lamp oil (approx 8 pints) 1,a coil of rope (25’) 1,a ladder (15’) 1,a rusty lantern half-full of oil 1,a rusty length of heavy chain (10’) 1,a crowbar 1,a bundle of 5 leather sacks 1,a rickety handcart 1,a woven basket full of 2d20+10 smooth stones 1,a broken pegleg 1,a green glass buoy, approx. 10” in diameter 1,a brass hookah 1,a coop with 1d8 sleeping chickens 1,a fig tree, laden with fruit 1,a small cask of moonshine 1,a hammer and 1d10 large (8”) iron nails 1,a bolt of canvas (approx 6x10’) 1,a tarnished bronze shield


1,flat, with scrub brush. 1,gentle slope up, no vegetation beyond a bit of grass. 1,gentle slope down, clinging vines on some buildings. 1,generally flat, with low-lying marshy ground full of reeds and cat-tails. 1,swampy ground with footbridges, reeds and lily pads. 1,flat and sandy, with thorny brush at the sides of the road. 1,steep slope up, with stone steps at the side. Pocket gardens in some of the empty places. 1,steep slope down, with terraced gardens and winding streets. 1,a large hill, and several mature trees, spaced widely apart. 1,a long hollow with steep slopes and a stream running through it. Some cottonwoods and willows along the stream. 1,the side-slope of a long ridge, with some vineyards. 1,low, rolling hills with some olive groves. 1,steep side-slope with terraced gardens. 1,a series of courtyards divided by high (15’) walls. 1,a series of multi-level plazas/gardens joined by staircases. 1,flat ground with stands of timber bamboo (approx. 80’ tall). 1,flat, sandy land with groves of date palms and some thorny scrub brush. 1,flat land with, lots of heavy vines growing up any vertical object or surface. 1,long, steep streets with erosion from rain. Some crappy trees here and there. 1,rolling hills, winding streets and fruit orchards.


Just another day in Ur-Hadad!


1,Send in the Flying Monkeys! – 1d6 flying apes descend on the party and attempt to make off with as many party members as they can (use grapple rules). 1,Hungry Streets – A carnivorous sinkhole opens under a random party member (Reflex save to grab, or lost forever). 1,Striding Domicile – A nearby house with huge, scaly legs stands up and begins running down the street toward the party. Reflex save or get stepped on (2d6 damage). 1,Infernal Contract – The party is approached by a tiny man with red skin wearing a black fez with a crimson tassel. He wears flowing silk robes of jet black, chased with weird, constantly changing designs. He offers to send one of the party to its destination, skipping all the perils in between, in exchange for the souls of all of the remaining members. He will honor the deal. The player accepting the deal will permanently lose 2 points of Luck. If they refuse the deal or attack, he fades to mist and disappears, promising that he will see them again. Anyone who refuses gains 1 point of permanent Luck. 1,Runaway Beer! – A group of drunken halflings are rolling a barrel of beer down the road. They lose control of it, and it comes careering toward the party members. Person with lowest Luck must make Reflex save or take 1d6 damage. 1,Chaos Storm – A tiny black funnel cloud appears. It spins rapidly, emitting purple lightning and making a high, whining sound. If the PCs approach within 10 feet, it will suddenly grow to an immense size, engulfing them and then disappearing into thin air. PCs should make a Will save or roll on the minor corruption table. 1,Rainbow Spring – A natural spring of odd, brightly hued opalescent fluid with the consistency of thick syrup flows up from a crack in the ground, and has begun pooling in a nearby low area. GM may decide its provenance and nature. Example: a random potion every time it’s tasted, corruption engine of some kind, etc. 1,Press Gang! – A press gang recruiting for the Vizier’s labor battalions is making a sweep of the area. There are 4 men-at-arms led by a sergeant. They will attempt to round up the party. 1,Breakthrough! – A portion of the street has collapsed, revealing a subterranean room of some kind. Roll 1d4: 1. It’s empty; 2. Wandering monster of 1d3 HD; 3. Stash of coin (1d30 bits); 4. staircase downward (GM’s choice where it goes). 1,Wheel of the Unfortunate – A wheel of fortune sits untenanted near the street. Anyone who spins it should roll 2d6 and adjust the results downward for positive Luck modifier or upward for negative Luck modifier. Results: less than 1 (lose 2 points of STR, permanently), 1 (lose one point of STA and one point of STR, permanently); 2 (lose 2 points of Luck, permanently); 3 (lose 2 HPs, permanently); 4 roll once on the minor corruption table; 5 (you have been marked with the sign of a patron-GM’s choice-and will be expected to render it a service); 6 (you lose one point each of STR and STA, but they will be regained as if spellburned); 7 (nothing happens); 8. You gain 1d3 Luck temporarily-once burned it’s gone; 9. You receive a rectangular wooden token. It reads “Break me when you need salvation.” The token functions as Invoke Patron result of 20 for patron of GM’s choice; 10. Gain one STR, permanently; 11. Gain one Luck and one HP, permanently; 12. Gain one AGI and one STR, permanently; more than 12. Roll 1d6 and assign that number of attribute points as desired, permanently. 1,The Spirit of Bacon – The party encounters a young, wild swine. The piglet will bond with one of the PCs immediately, and will not leave thereafter. If it lives though the adventure, they will find that it can talk and contains the spirit of one of the PC’s ancestors. The pig will grow into a boar of exceptional size and strength, but is otherwise normal (except for the talking thing). 1,Metal Funeral – The PCs progress is blocked for 1d6 turns by a funeral procession. Should they choose to disrupt it, they will be set upon by the participants. 1,Have A Drink On Me – The PCs are accosted by a group of drunken revelers, adherents of the Metal God Scobon, who insist that they partake in the sacrament. Any PC who drinks from the Black Chalice receives a blessing from the Metal Gods, and may re-roll a single die roll of his or her choice. 1,Courier Job – The PCs encounter a local crime figure who asks them to carry a package back to Denny Smeds, criminal mastermind of the Divine Order of the Purple Tentacle. The package contains a severed finger, and a brief note which reads, “I have talked to him, and he promises not to do that again. My apologies for the misunderstanding.” It is unsigned. 1,Devil in Disguise – The party is beckoned from an open doorway by an impossibly beautiful humanoid (They perceive the creature as whatever is most attractive to them.) who offers “A kiss, for luck.” Should they take the creature up on this offer, the person who does so must make a DC 15 Will save. With a successful save, add 1 point of Luck, permanently. With a failed save, lose 1 point of Luck, permanently. Then the creature giggles, winks, and disappears in a flash of light. 1,Door #3 – There is a door in the middle of the street. No house or building, just a door. The side facing the PCs is covered in runic script, written in almost-fresh blood. It is up to the GM to determine what the door does. 1,Where the Rubber Meets the Road – The street upon which the PCs are walking is turning to a soft, springy substance. The further along it they travel, the bouncier it gets. If they travel it far enough, they will need to make a Reflex save not to get bounced high into the air and off onto the rocky shoulder (taking 1d6 damage). 1,Thieves’ Market – The infamous Gypsy Market has sprung up in this neighborhood. The market consists of 1d6 stalls selling purloined items, from foodstuffs to jewelry to weaponry. For a short time, the PCs may purchase items at a 1d6 times 10% discount off the published prices. Pick the type of the stalls, in order, from this list until each of the (up to six) stalls has a purpose: 1. Foodstuff; 2. Carpets, furniture, and other household items; 3. Jewelry and valuable artifacts; 4. Weapons and tools; 5. Fine clothing; 6. Arcane items. 1,Bubbles From Beyond – The characters encounter something (e.g., a plant, a statue, a hole in the road, etc.) that is blowing bubbles into the air. Each of the bubbles contains smoke of a different color. Moving through this area without touching and breaking a bubble requires that each PC make a DC 10 Reflex save. Broken bubbles have the following effects: 1. Red-Take 1d4 fire damage; 2. Blue-Coated from head to toe in ice take 1d3 frost damage; 3. White-Thick smoke fills an area in a 50 foot radius, obscuring the other bubbles and requiring the characters to make a second Reflex save at DC 15 to avoid bubbles; 4. Green--The PC suddenly begins to covet a weapon belonging to another PC, and will attempt to seize it from him/her; 4. Purple--PC must make DC 15 Will save or fall into enchanted sleep for 1d6 turns; 5. Yellow-PC must make DC 10 Fort save versus poison or take 1d4 damage; 6. Black-PC must make DC 15 Fort save or die; 7. Gold-PC permanent gains 1d4 additional HP; 8. Rainbow-PC permanently gains 1d3 Luck (max 18). 1,Bone Storm – A fierce wind springs up, whipping through the street and pulling from the ground a variety of bones and flinging them through the air. Each player should make a DC 10 check modified by Luck. Anyone who fails the check takes 1d3 damage. The storm abates as soon as someone takes damage, and the bones are left strewn upon the street. 1,Red Rockers – The Red Rocs (a group of expert bounty hunters) are chasing a demon and his entourage and mistake the party for their targets. the Rocs’ blind seer has divined some specific detail about the party (a character’s scar, the number of dwarves in the party, whatever) by eating the heads off live birds. They will target that PC (roll to randomly assign). 1,Sabbath Bloody Sabbath – A group of 1d10 death cultists are looking for a sacrificial victim. A child would be best. Hmm... how about one of those urchins right over there? 1,We Love You, Cleveland! Uh... I mean Ur-Hadad! – A large stage has been set up in an empty space. Eldritch lights play about iron light fixtures, and a group of bards, aided by a wizard, coax incredibly loud, hellishly distorted music from strangely wrought instruments. Make DC 10 Will save or roll for effect. 1. Stone Deaf Forever-PC is deafened, and even magical healing will be at -3 to cure it; 2. Crazy Train-PC is begins to babble nonsense and does not regain senses until 1d6 turns have passed; 3. We Are the Road Crew-PC is entranced by the music, and must remain with the musicians (lost forever); 4. Iron Fist-The PC’s hands are remade into spiky, armored gauntlets of black metal (add +3 to hand to hand damage); 5. Snakes for the Divine-A gigantic, constricting snake wells up from the ground and attacks the PC (use stats for Snake, Giant); 6. Bong Ripper-The PC is invited by the band to partake from an eldritch hookah. Roll 2d6. On a 2 or 3 lose 1d3 attribute points, permanently from Int, Pers, and Agi, in that order; on a 4 , 5, or 6 lose 1 Int; on a 7 nothing happens; on an 8, 9, or 10, gain 1 Pers; on a 10 or 11, gain 1 Int and 1 Str; on a 12 gain 1d4 attributes points to distribute as desired. 1,Deuce – Roll 1d20 for each PC. The one with the highest number suddenly becomes identical twins. 1,Stonehenge – Roll 1d20 for each PC. The one with the lowest score becomes a dwarf. The one with the next lowest score becomes a halfling. 1,Rainbow in the Dark – Roll 1d20 for each PC. The one with the high score gains Infravision to 1d6 times 10 feet. 1,Reign in Blood – Lo, on high rides the Iron Master of the Northwind, and blood falls behind him. Each PC should make a DC 10 Luck check. If it succeeds, gain 1 point Stamina, permanently. If it fails, lose 1 point Stamina, permanently. If the roll is 15 or better, add 2 points. If it’s 5 or lower, lose 2 points. 1,Problem Child – All of the PCs become of Chaotic alignment. 1,Twist of Cain – Each PC should make a DC 10 Will save. Any who fails will turn upon his brothers, attacking until he kills or is killed. If he kills, then he will add the attribute modifier (positive or negative) from each of the victim’s attributes to his or her permanent attribute scores. If he or she is killed, then the person doing the killing gets to add all attribute modifiers to his/her permanent attribute scores. 1,The Eye of Samahn – The PCs find a corroded bronze coffer partly buried at the side of the road. If they open it, they will find a mummified hand clutching a dagger chased with runic script. The pommel of the weapon is a blood red gem clutched in a clawed hand. The dagger is +1 to hit and damage, and grants a +1 to any spell check. </sgtable>